Google buys Web Content Sharing Startup Kifi

In the past month, Google has bought Internet service provider Webpass, French image recognition company Moodstocks and cloud -based video service provider Anvato. The latest addition to the list is Kifi a start up Website link- sharing platform according to an announcement on Kifi’s website.

Kifi could possibly help the tech giant beef up its Google Spaces social media platform. Google Spaces aims to be the app individuals use to share content in groups on any topic. Group-sharing app KiFi has Google Search, YouTube and Chrome built into it.

The details of the acquisition haven’t been released, but Kifi said that part of its team will immediately start working on Google Spaces. ,” According to Kifi. “Our team will be joining the Spaces team at Google to build solutions focused on improving group sharing, conversation, and content finding.”

Google engineering director Eddie Kessler on his Google Plus page said the Kifi team has a great deal of expertise that will help Google, noting “their great expertise in organizing shared content and conversations.” That could be helpful to Google Spaces, whose focus now is more on group chat capabilities.

The company was founded by Israelis Ishay Smith and Dan Blumenfeld in 2012 under the name Forty Two, but it is primarily identified with its product, Kifi. Kifi is an acronym for “keep it find it.”

The platform enables users to save and tag anything they find online, including articles, videos and pictures. These items then appear at the top of their search preferences, alongside other relevant items as well as things that their friends have saved.

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