Google acquires Anvato

Google  has acquired Anvato in order to expand its cloud service offerings to big media companies. The company provides a software platform that automates the encoding, editing, publishing, and distribution of video content across multiple platforms.

Anvato will now become part of the Google Cloud Platform, a group that provides services such as compute, storage  and databases, networking, and big data capabilities to enterprises through the cloud.

With OTT adoption rapidly accelerating, Belwadi Srikanth a senior product manager for Google Cloud Platform said this  acquisition will help Google with its plans to focus on delivering video infrastucture solutions via the cloud to businesses in the media and entertainment industries. That includes helping to manage their infrastructures more efficiently, provision servers and networks at rapid scale, and remove unnecessary overhead.

Anvato said that it is the only video platform that guarantees video playback and monetization from signal to screen. Unlike other solutions that rely on hardware components, Anvato’s platform is strictly a software solution, allowing it to run on off-the-shelf hardware and making it easier to update and more modular to deploy.

Media companies use Anvato to power multi-screen live streaming, video publishing, live and video-on-demand distribution, and monetization strategies.

Google’s acquisition of Anvato is the tech giant’s latest attempt to woo media companies over to its cloud service offerings. In April, the company announced that its Cloud Content Delivery Network, a service that helps speed delivery of media content by caching it closer to users, would be going into beta.

Details on the deal between Google and Anvato have not been released by either party, but Google said on its blog post that it’ll share more information in the coming months.

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