Jaan Tallinn, the co-founder of both Skype has revealed through an interview that he has spent a year working out how blockchains can save the world.

Jaan, who had an interview with the Telegraph, said that he is compiling a research paper on ways of using blockchain to create more co-ordination mechanisms, that can be used to save humanity from possible resource-based problems, which range from crime and corruption to deforestation and over-fishing.

The philanthropist proposed that the ‘industry’ of mankind could use blockchain technology to solve the societal problem known as the Tragedy of the Commons, the same way startups have flocked to blockchain tech to solve coordination and other logistical and data-sharing problems in their industries.

Tallinn then pointed to blockchains and incentive schemes, just like Bitcoin employs, as a way to break that equilibrium and solve the problem. “Shaming people into being virtuous doesn’t change behaviour,” claims Tallinn.