Image Credit: idownloadblog
Image Credit: idownloadblog

WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication medium on the messaging platform. Late last month, research from analytics firm SimilarWeb showed that the Facebook-owned app is currently the world leader, being the most popular messaging app in 109 countries.

Billions of people around the world have adapted to using WhatsApp, which is easy to use, secure since it has the end-to-end encryption and it’s also available for all smartphone platforms.

According to Deccan Chronicle, a new report that is lurking around the smartphone market mentions that Apple Inc. is targeting WhatsApp by planning the release of iMessage for Android smartphones. If true, iMessage could change the way people communicate in future.

According to the online reports, Apple could be announcing the iMessage app for Android at their World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) later this week. However, market researchers say that Apple could be in trouble if they just did that. Just like a double-edged sword, releasing iMessage for Android could be a plus as well as a problem for Apple.

By allowing iMessage to Android users, Apple could target the Android platform and grow higher in the services industry, thus making better profits. However, if they do so, they could also push off much of Android users who could opt for an iPhone in future.

However, by offering high encryption (End-to-End), similar to WhatsApp and Telegram, iMessage could emerge a topper and offer secure and guaranteed private messaging, where the recent FBI-Apple case stands as a witness.

There is no confirmation whether iMessage will get to Android or now. The Apple keynote event at the WWDC this will give us a final answer.