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Algeria Blocks Social Media To Fight Exam Cheaters

We’ve had of cases where countries have blocked social media platforms for various reasons. Earlier this year, Uganda blocked social media during its Presidential voting and when the President was swearing-in in early May, while Brazil also blocked WhatsApp for 48 hours for failure to comply with a July court order in a criminal case.

Same case for Turkey, as the Turkish court issued an order to TIB to block the use of social mediaTwitter and Facebook after images spread on the platforms showing the suicide car bombing that killed 34 and injured 125 dozens in the Turkish capital of Ankara, local broadcasters reported.

This time around, it all comes to Algeria where social media has been temporarily blocked across the country in an attempt to fight cheating in secondary school exams, BBC reported this issue.[related]

Almost half of students are being forced to retake the baccalaureat exam, after the initial session was marred by online leaking.

Many of the students were able to access questions on Facebook and other social media ahead of the exam in early June.

Algeria has struggled with baccalaureate leaks in recent years.

The decision to block social media was taken to protect students de la publication of “bogus questions on those networks”, officials told Algeria’s APS news agency.

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