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How Technology Has Influenced Entertainment

We have become so accustomed to technology and all the conveniences that it affords that we don’t often take the time to consider how differently we would do things should someone pull the proverbial big internet plug and we were no longer connected to the world wide web. How would we find out information if we couldn’t make use of a web browser? Would we have to go off to our local library, the newspaper archives or write a letter requesting information?

The same is true for entertainment. For centuries we would have to give thought and generally plan entertainment in advance. If the weather was poor, one may have to stay indoors and find an activity such as reading, storytelling or games with which to occupy ourselves. The past decade, in particular, has changed the way we do things considerably. Computers have become common place, cell phones, tablets and similar devices have revolutionised the way we socialise and communicate with one another.

Computers have become common place, cell phones, tablets and similar devices have revolutionised the way we socialise and communicate with one another.

Here are a few prime examples of how things have changed.

  1. Casinos are scattered all over the world, but are not always accessible to all. While you may be in the mood for a few games or poker or roulette, there may not be a casino in or near the city where you live – and even if there is, other factors such as transport, weather, not having a babysitter may interfere with your plans. Online casinos offer convenience, security, great value and the ability to access them from almost anywhere in the world. By simply logging in to your favourite online casino, you’ll find yourself almost instantly able to begin your adventure and let your hair down.
  1. Social media has grown to such a point that no matter how remote you are, no matter how bad the weather is and how isolated you are, provided that there is an internet connection you’re able to feel connected to the outside world and keep up to date with family and friends across the globe. Granted, it doesn’t replace true connections, but it certainly does a fantastic job of uniting and creating bonds.
  1. When last did you have to go to the library to look up information in a reference book? The internet is like one enormous encyclopaedia containing the answers to almost every question you could possibly ask. On the downside, there is a fair amount of misleading, incorrect information available, but the onus lies on you to do your research and cross-check facts.
  1. For years, should we wish to play a computer game against a friend (remember Nintendo), we’d have to be in the same room, hooked up to the same console, but now you are able to play your favourite online game against a friend on the opposite side of the globe – you don’t even need to know the so called friend!

Yes, things have changed remarkably and will continue to change. So next time you decide to play a few rounds of Texas Hold’em Poker while reclining in your bed, wearing your favourite PJ’s, consider how fortunate you are that thanks to technology, the casino now comes to you.[related-posts]

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