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Super Fast! Cool to the Touch! Memory for Miles! These are three aspects every smartphone owner wants. But the reality is batteries over heat, operating systems slow down, and run out of memory at the exact moment when your baby made the cutest face, and you absolutely must take a picture. Although one or more of these problems has happened to all of us, there are some simple steps you can take to make your life with your smartphone more predictable.

Huawei Uganda offers you some tips on how to keep your smartphone as new in performance as when you bought it:

  • Don’t expose your smartphone to extreme weather

Both extreme heat and cold can damage a smart device. Leaving your smartphone in a car during extreme hot seasons can damage it. Smartphones should never be placed in a fridge or microwave. If your device does get exposed to water, the first thing you should do is shut it down and pull out the battery (if applicable).

  • Always keep your smart phone fully charged

Customers will find that their Smartphones work best and last longer when kept fully charged. Avoid using a phone until it completely runs out of power because it damages a phone’s ability to hold a charge and affects its performance.

  • Smartphones need to rest

At least once a week, reboot that device or (even better) shut it down for 30 minutes or so. Doing this will ensure that caches are cleared and subsystems are properly restarted. Shutting down the device once a week will aid with the longevity of the RAM on the device and allow certain diagnostics to be run at boot.

  • Don’t cramp up your phone memory

Monitor the space on your device regularly especially how much space the photos and videos are consuming.

  • Close Unused Apps, Programs and Processes

If your smartphone starts to slow down, take the time to close a few of the background programs and apps that are not currently in use

  • Clear the browser cache memory

While all smartphones are capable of surfing the web, using the Internet for long periods of time can lead to a buildup of data in the phone’s active memory. When this happens, users should clear out their browser cache.

  • Pocket dwelling

Avoid placing your smart phones in the back pocket of clothing that has no spandex (or does not stretch) because that can risk breakage.

  • Vibrations

Vibrations are great for notifying you about incoming calls or messages when you’re in meetings or other places where it’s necessary to keep the phone silent. In places where it doesn’t matter, it will be better for you to use your ringtone as notification if you want to keep your smartphones battery on longer.

  • No Bluetooth, Wi-Fi if not in use

Energy is consumed whenever your smartphone searches for signals, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth etc. When the reception is poor, the phone will continue scanning to attain a good connection and this consumes battery. In case you are not using these signals, turn them off until you need to use them again.


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