Google Updates Slide Presentation App With Q&A Feature

Users of Google’s slide presentation application now have an option to make presentations a more interactive experience for their audience.

Earlier this week, the company rolled out an update to Google Slides that gives users a way to collect real-time feedback from people who are watching a slide presentation. The new feature gives the audience an option for submitting questions or offering comments on a presentation from their desktop computers, Android mobile devices, and iOS mobile devices to be answered instead of having to wait until the end of the presentation to submit them.

According to Google, “the goal is to enable those watching a slide presentation to engage in a more lively and interactive fashion with the individual making the presentation.”

“Slides Q&A makes it easy to interact with your audience without having to worry about mics or moderators,” Michael Frederick, Google Slides Engineer writes in a Google Docs blog.

To see the feature in action, check out this video in which Google Science Fair winner Shree Bose fields questions from a group of 200 middle school students.

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