57 percent of the mobile gamers playing daily

Gamers take part in a gaming tournament in Kampala [File Photo]

57% of the mobile gamers playing daily has completely changed the industry. Mobile game playing is now the sort of hobby that people will perform constantly, and that creates plenty of new financial opportunities for the people who are interested in creating new mobile games. One of the great things about a market that is this large is that there is a lot of room for new products and new services. People can still arrive on the scene today and manage to achieve great successes because the market is large enough to accommodate a lot of different new ideas. The 57% of the mobile gamers playing daily will keep on playing new games at many different gaming outlets.

There is a tremendous amount of variety when it comes to Euro Palace casino games. People could easily spend weeks or months trying to play all of their games at least once, and they would probably end up playing some of them over and over again. Casino games have always been much more habit-forming than a good portion of the other games that are available today, although all mobile games have been more or less set up to be as habit-forming as possible.

When trend-spotters observe the tremendous popularity of mobile games at the Euro Palace online casino and elsewhere, it is important for them to really take into account all of the different factors and cultural changes that have helped to determine the present situation. For one thing, it is becoming increasingly common to try to turn a number of different activities into games in a process called ‘gamification.’


Generation Z is going to do a lot of its most fundamental learning through the use of apps that turn learning into a fun game, allowing them to get all of the motivation that they need in order to complete all of their games right away. A good portion of the young kids that are playing on these apps today are going to be playing smartphone versions of the educational games that parents tried to give to their children twenty and thirty years ago. However, today, people of all ages are now enjoying these highly addictive apps.

The process of gamification is by no means limited to children or the most basic types of learning that people are going to need before they can progress to more advanced education. Today, adults are using apps in order to teach themselves languages and complicated subjects like advanced math and biology. There are apps that adults are now using for the sake of motivating themselves to do additional work, and even these motivational apps are taking the form of games, with points and rewards and everything.

When people contemplate the masses of individuals playing mobile games each and every day, they are probably imagining that these people are constantly avoiding doing work or more or less procrastinating on life in an effort to try to spend all their time having fun on their phones. In fact, mobile games have just become part of the texture of life today.