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Tech 5: Navio talks about his love for gadgets, social media

PC Tech caught up with Uganda’s biggest rapper, Navio in our Tech5 Series where we ask from five categories of tech related questions; Gadgets, Apps, The Internet, Social Media and general tech.

Navio (real names Daniel Lubwama Kigozi) who is the 8th most followed Ugandan on Facebook by Ugandans is the latest MTN Ambassador promoting MTN branded, affordable smartphones dubbed in a campaign – the MTN Smart Series devices. He joins vocal sensation Lilian Mbabazi, Ronald Mayinja and “Amaaso” hit singer Pallaso.


We dug into Navio’s geeky side and this is what he had to share with us. Enjoy!

  1. Gadgets

What’s your favorite gadget?
My favorite gadget would definitely be the phone. You can take it anywhere without a bag. Email, social media and the usual calling all on one thing! Even home security systems apps can be linked up now.

What’s your wall paper? Caller tune? Ringtone?
My wallpaper is always anything calming or the family. Caller tune and ring tone is my new song Njogereza.

  1. Apps

What apps do you use the most?
Facebook, Insta and Twitter are definitely high up on the app usage list. Having close to 400K fans on all of them you have to try and keep communicating with all of them.

What apps do you use most to promote your music career?
Instagram right now is one of the best boosters for music. But in the end the streets always decide!

  1. Social media

Do you think Ugandans are misusing Social Media?
Ugandan’s are definitely going really hard on social media. In my view, if I wouldn’t say something to someone’s face, why would I say to them online?

People do feel safe saying anything because they feel there are no consequences. But there is “delete… block…. ban from page”. Usually they are really closet fans anyway.

L-R: Rapper Flex D'Paper, PC Tech's Jeddy Genrwot, Navio and Manager Rachael
L-R: Rapper Flex D’Paper, PC Tech’s Jeddy Genrwot, Navio and Manager Rachel
  1. Tech

What tech do you think has changed Uganda most?
Internet in general has changed Uganda. Instead of charming visits to sort out business face to face, someone can knock out 20 meetings online in one day. On foot you would do 2 or 3 a day. And now with the introduction of Internet or phones we have freedom of movement to whilst still being given able to handle half our office work.

How do you see tech transforming the music industry?
In music the old way of waiting for people to gradually know where your weekly show will be held is over. You tell them immediately and as an artist you are not so desperate to get a ONE venue predictable gig for your fans to find you at.

  1. Internet

What data bundle do you subscribe to? Why that one?
I need the unlimited bundle. The amount of work artists and media people do online is just different from other people.


Jeddy Genrwot

Jeddy "The Jedi" is a budding professional with extensive conceptual knowledge in Web Development technologies and Computer Systems. "In like" with the Internet Startup space and cloud computing. A passionate gamer and social media enthusiast.
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