An exciting new way to watch 360 videos on YouTube

Over the years, google has received thousands of innovative feature requests from their users. But there’s one suggestion they have heard over and over again, and as of yesterday, they (Google) were finally able to make it a reality.

The company was proud to introduce the ability to watch videos on YouTube in 360 degrees while sitted right next to Snoop Dogg and was called the SnoopaVision.

SnoopaVision is a cutting-edge 360 experience that combines two undeniable trends; 360 is the future and Snoop Dogg.

To get started, just click the SnoopaVision icon in the lower right of any video. Try it now for popular videos like “6ft Man in 6ft Giant Water Balloon” and “Double Rainbow Song,” and see the full list at the link.

Sometimes, it’s the most obvious ideas that are the best, and that’s certainly the case with SnoopaVision.[related-posts]

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