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Truepad, Officially Launches Their New Home Search Engine

Truepad, a Chicago-based tech startup, held its official launch party on Thursday, March 31 at Frank Lloyd Wright’s historic Emil Bach House.

More than 150 industry experts gathered at the Emil Bach House on Thursday night to kick off the next generation of home search.

“After nearly two years of building out infrastructure it feels good delivering an innovative new approach to home search,” said Truepad Co-founder Scott Hammack.

At the event, guests received tours of the historic home and experienced first-hand Truepad’s recently released iOS application for real estate agents and brokers, called Truepad Agent.Truepad Agent allows all agents, regardless of agency or brokerage, to easily share their expert knowledge with consumers by publishing home reviews.

Since Truepad is an independent platform, these home reviews are used to help consumers quickly identify the highest rated homes.  Consumers can easily modify their home searches to reveal the best valued homes based on their star ratings.

Truepad also utilizes proprietary feature cards, which highlight elements of a home that buyers find positive or negative, allowing consumers to see the entire picture of a property well before their first home tour.

Truepad is an innovative platform that provides home buyers with unbiased, 360-degree reviews of prospective homes and their complimentary essentials from market experts,” said Lincoln Park resident Kimberly Wolfson on Thursday night.

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