Windows is reportedly getting the ad-free Popular OS X and Linux BitTorrent client Transmission. The build which was spotted on gHacks is already looking much better than any other Windows BitTorrent client yet. Transmission also comes free which is a plus for Windows users. Although it may not be ready yet, the excitement for a cleaner, free service is palpable.

Transmission, on top of it’s no charge doesn’t have ads in your face. It however lacks an in-built video player but hopeful this can be overlooked and focus given to its clean, clutter-free UX. It’s also open source and very lightweight. Transmission has been given the job of downloading and is executing flawlessly with added functionality of RSS Feed board.

Transmission was formerly only available for Mac OS X and Linux distributions, and has now been released as a binary for Windows officially. It’s available for Download Here from its official repository.