Web hosting. Image Credit: DigiHomeBusiness
Web hosting. Image Credit: DigiHomeBusiness

The internet is a vast digital territory, and thanks to the connectivity across nation states, any business can very quickly become a multinational, selling their products and services to individuals across the world. This means having a site that performs excellently in one country but is sluggish and unresponsive in another is no longer good enough.

Web Hosting Secrets Revealed introduced a new international server speed test that judges hosting providers on their response times in eight major countries, to give people a global perspective on how their site can perform.

The testing method is capable of checking web host server speeds and response times from 8 different locations worldwide, comparing the site response time with 10 million other websites to give an accurate indication of the relative speed users are getting from their sites.

The test locations include the United States (West Coast), United States (East Coast), London United Kingdom, Singapore, Sao Paulo Brazil, Pune India, Sydney Australia, and Japan. Covering every continental landmass besides Antarctica guarantees the results from the testing will be relevant to users who live in every country on earth.

This benchmarking system allow users to compare how fast or slow a web host and make more informed consumer decisions based on that information.

“We are pleased to be able to increase the level of thoroughness and insight we are able to provide for our readers, and we understand the importance of global performances for every online presence looking to achieve a wide user base. We hope this will better equip people to make the best decisions on their hosting providers.” A spokesperson for Web Hosting Secrets Revealed explained—FastComet Reviews.