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Bebler Announces the Significance of Information Security in Social Media

Bebler, one of the world’s leading private social network app developers, released its statement with regards to the untoward behavior of the large majority of social media users who opt to share too much personal information in social networking platforms. The company doesn’t condemn the act of many social media aficionado; However, they remind social media users with the negative outcome of posting personal information for the public to view.

The advent of Internet, as well as the booming popularity of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Instagram, offers a handful of benefits for the users. But, it also opens up a wide range of adverse effects that can wreck havoc the lives of the users.

Bebler continues to reveal that the popularity of communicating and socializing with the use of social networking sites gave the would-be criminals the access to violate the rights of privacy and communication of the social media users.

Moreover, the information shared by the social media users is gathered by syndicates to commit several crimes like identity theft, phishing/spoofing, blackmail, hacking, to name a few. Aside from that, there are severe cases of identity theft that is used to commit drug trafficking, child pornography, criminal copyright infringement, and prostitution.

These cases resulted to a higher degree of penalty committed by the syndicate with the use of the user’s social media accounts and information. The company also reveals that the cases of online crimes continuously rises as the social media users continue to commit the negligence of sharing too much personal information. [related-posts]

To avoid being a victim of online crimes, Bebler suggests that social media users must know their limitations when it comes to sharing personal information.

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