Skype Cancels Support for Smart TVs

Skype Tv. Image Credit: YouTube Skype Tv. Image Credit: YouTube
Skype Tv. Image Credit: YouTube

The advent of the internet of (all) things (IoT)saw major drives to integrate technology and especially social networking into every aspect of our day to day lifestyle. Now the question isn’t the feasibility or even the relevance of gadgets like smart TVs since we have long since caught on and are indeed enjoying these ‘luxuries’ every day of our good lives. However our long time video and voice instant messaging platform, Skype is pulling out this drive to bring families and friends across the world closer on the large screen.

Microsoft-owned Skype is pulling its support from Smart TV software , owing to the public’s preference to communicate via mobile devices as opposed to the larger screens. Will the corporate users of the service suffer from this adjustment or not? That waits to be seen. Syke will however maintain the service until June this year.

TV manufacturers including Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony, Sharp, Philips and Toshiba which integrated the service will then be free to remove it from their devices thereafter. Samsung has already announced that its TVs will stop offering the app starting 2nd June, 2016.


The Skype for TV chapter which was generally rosier on paper than in our living rooms now closes leaving the app to the stiff competition of the market with Google Hangouts and Facebook’s Messenger whose uptake on mobile devices continues to see an upward shift.