Smile’s voice rates compared with MTN, Airtel, UTL, Vodafone, Africell, K2, and Smart

Last week, Smile Communications Uganda Launched its VoLTE service to the already congested market.

Whereas other Telecoms bill in Uganda Shillings, Smile Communications bills you off your data bundle. This means that your expense in Shillings is greatly dependent on the data bundle you have since the bigger the data bundle, the cheaper it usually get.

Since the calls are charged in MB’s per minute, we got the equivalent is Uganda Shillings and since it is not fixed, we will give a range and this depends on the data bundle you have bought.

In the table below, we have Compared Smile Communications’ offering with the main Voice providers.

On-net (Per Min)
On net (Per Min) Off-net (Per Min) SMS (On-Net) SMS (Off-Net)
AFRICELL 230 230 90 90
AIRTEL 180 180 100 130
K2 180 240 50 100
MTN 180 180 100 130
SMART  180  300 75 75
SMILE  99.6 – 250  99.6 – 250  39.9 – 93.7   39.9 – 93.7
UTL 150 180 99 99
VODAFONE  180  180 99 99

Note: The rates above were obtained from the respective Telecoms’ websites. We can not guarantee their accuracy.