Google Inc. to delete some search results within European Union

Eu-Google. Image Credit: hdfreewallpaper Eu-Google. Image Credit: hdfreewallpaper
Eu-Google. Image Credit: hdfreewallpaper

Search engine giants, Google Inc. confirmed on Friday it will use “geolocation” (like IP addresses) to make its ‘right to be forgotten’ policy in European Union (EU) work, not only on its European subdomains but on its general domain as well.

“Starting next week, in addition to our existing practice, we will also use geolocation signals [like IP addresses] to restrict access to the delisted URL on all Google Search domains, including, when accessed from the country of the person requesting the removal,” Peter Fleischer, Global Privacy Counsel, writes in a blog post.

“We’ll apply the change retrospectively, to all delisting’s that we have already done under the European Court ruling.”

If someone submits a URL for delisting via the Google webform, and your request meets the criteria set by the Court (EU), then Google will delist the URL from the search results generated in response to a search for their name.

Users within a that particular country/region will not be able to see search results for a delisted request but Users outside that country/region, will be able to see the request in search results on any non-European Google Search domain. For example, once [Jnr Nathanael] from France is delisted, users in France won’t be able to see any search results for [Jnr Nathanael], but users outside France will be able to see the search results.