Can scams really dominate charities in Google search?

Google Search. Image Credit: Deepanshugahlaut Google Search. Image Credit: Deepanshugahlaut
Google Search. Image Credit: Deepanshugahlaut

Google search has long been a way for any local organization to promote themselves and get relevant and organic search results. In fact, one of the reason we love Google so much is that they have dominated this arena for a long time, but in 2016 that reputation for search might be changing.

Let’s look at a few factors.
Google could be said to be the best search engine for the following reasons:

  • It relies on a simplicity that many other search engines lack.
  • It’s fast, reliable, easy to use, user friendly.
  • Fewer, less noticeable ads.
  • The search algorithm seems to bring the most relevant items to the top.
  • More relevant ads.

Why is Google the best search engine from a marketing perspective?


  • More people use Google than any other search engine in the world.
  • Google the information to improve their engine further.
  • It has the largest known database of metadata for searching and search criteria.
  • Referrals from Google have higher conversion rate then any other search engine.

When it comes to charity organization who rely on the kindness and giving nature of their local communities, the prospect or doing the right thing coupled with Google being so great at sending relevant traffic is a blessing.

But how is that working out in 2016?
Let’s examine a charity donation program that is utilized by nearly every charity. They will kindly accept your old car in any condition, tow it for free, and use the recycling revenue to help fund the charity within the community.

Good causes, great outcomes. In 2016, however, local scams have caught wind of the inexperience or lack of resources that charities have, and have begun targeting their revenue programs, scamming community donors with the promise of doing something for the greater good.

One of the key searches that a potential donor might type into Google might be: “donate car denver.” Google with its reputation for giving people accurate search results, falls very far from accurate due to two things: Advertising moved from sidebars to above search results and Lack of oversight of the Google Map spam.

Before the Google search results have a chance to show potential donor, a list of real charities that they might be able to assist. As if their challenges were not great enough, now they seem at the mercy of Google map scams, and more than likely lose donors to them every day.

Let’s here your view in the comment section below.