5 Technologies That Are Soon Becoming Extinct

Change is the only constant of life, and the same applies when it comes to technology.

What was considered to be cutting edge solutions years back is no loger in that position. Below are five technologies that are soon becoming extinct.

1 – Fax Machines
If you lived in the 80’s and 90’s, you know how much faxes were a necessity to every office. The growth of emails and smartphones have allowed users to sign documents electronically. At the moment, it is hard to find an office still using Fax machines.

2 – DVD players
Before DVDs, there were VCRs, and the trend is changing, with most people opting for Blu-ray and HD discs, which provide high-quality video images.

Streaming movies via game consoles and the Internet is also a player in changing the game.

3 – iPods/MP3 Players
Once upon a time, there were ipods and MPs players. Then Smartphones with large and expandable memories were made. Who needs an ipod/MP3 player when you can have music on your phone.

4 – E-Book Readers
e-reader devices were created to help us have our entire library on one device, but with the growth of iPads and tablets, they arebecoming irrelevant.

5 – Landline Phones
Who need a landline when they can have a Mobile phone? Mobile phones have more to offer compared to landlines, and services live video chat, chat apps, emails and more make landlines look extinct.

Do you have a technology you feel is missing from this list? let us know in the comments section.


Ephraim Batambuze III

Digital guy, Web developer, Tech blogger, Gadgets Reviews, Geeky dad. Email:ebatambuze@gmail.com Twitter:@batambuze WhatsApp/Telegram:+256781665128 Skype:ebatambuze
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