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#FFWD2016: Behind the scenes with trending video creators on Twitter

Twitter Inc. has been working hard to support video creators and video fans with new ways to create, share, and suggest great Tweets with videos. Now, you can film or upload videos directly from Twitter with the mobile video camera, view clips seamlessly on your timeline with autoplay, send videos to your friends privately in Direct Messages, and watch the best videos Tweeted every day through the new @video account.

With these new features, Twitter loves to see how video creators and their fans are using them to watch the timely, entertaining video content they share.

“So it’s not surprising that video views on Twitter grew by 220X from the end of 2014 to the end of 2015.” Twitter Blog

The social media giants are previewing video stories that will be told in real time, in their first series from @video, #FFWD2016.

“We’ve profiled six rising Twitter creators in music, art, sports, food, and news, who are sure to be trending this year. Get their take on the fresh ideas, events, and video concepts they’ll be Tweeting as they look ahead to a big 2016.”

You can join the conversation and even share your own videos with hashtag #FFWD2016 to unlock a special emoji.[related-posts]

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