Google’s real-time trending data will tells us what we are thinking

Traditionally, the only way for campaigns to know what voters thought was to ask them. This year, Google is turning the tables, by publicizing the questions Americans are asking about candidates. “The data gives you incredible insight,” says Simon Rogers, data editor at Google News Lab.

Top questions on Google about 2016 candidates on Nov. 4 

Jeb Bush

  1. How old is Jeb Bush?
  2. What is Jeb Bush’s full name?
  3. How tall is Jeb Bush?

Ben Carson

  1. What religion is Ben Carson?
  2. Who is Ben Carson?
  3. Where is Ben Carson from?

Chris Christie

  1. Is Chris Christie still running for president?
  2. How old is Chris Christie?
  3. How much does Chris Christie weigh?

Hillary Clinton

  1. How old is Hillary Clinton?
  2. What happened with Hillary Clinton and Benghazi?
  3. How is Hillary Clinton doing?

Ted Cruz

  1. Where was Ted Cruz born?
  2. How old is Ted Cruz?
  3. What did George Bush say about Ted Cruz?*
*“I just don’t like that guy”

Carly Fiorina

  1. What happened to Carly Fiorina?
  2. How old is Carly Fiorina?
  3. Where is Carly Fiorina today?

Lindsey Graham

  1. Is Lindsey Graham still running?
  2. Who is Lindsey Graham?
  3. Is Lindsey Graham married?[related-posts]

Mike Huckabee

  1. Is Mike Huckabee still running for president?
  2. Who is Mike Huckabee?
  3. How old is Mike Huckabee?

Bobby Jindal

  1. Is Bobby Jindal still running for president?
  2. What nationality is Bobby Jindal?
  3. Where was Bobby Jindal born?

John Kasich

  1. Where will Kasich be this week?
  2. How old is John Kasich?
  3. When was John Kasich elected?

Martin O’Malley

  1. How old is Martin O’Malley?
  2. Is Martin O’Malley a Democrat?
  3. Where is Martin O’Malley from?

George Pataki

  1. Who is George Pataki?
  2. How tall is George Pataki?
  3. What is George Pataki’s platform?*
*Only policy-related query

Rand Paul

  1. Who is Rand Paul?
  2. How old is Rand Paul?
  3. Is Rand Paul running for president?

Marco Rubio

  1. How old is Marco Rubio?
  2. Who is Marco Rubio?
  3. Where is Marco Rubio from?

Bernie Sanders

  1. How old is Bernie Sanders?
  2. Who is Bernie Sanders?
  3. Who played Bernie Sanders on SNL?*
*Larry David

Rick Santorum

  1. Is Rick Santorum still running for president?
  2. How old is Rick Santorum?
  3. Where does Rick Santorum live?

Donald Trump

  1. How old is Donald Trump?
  2. How much is Donald Trump worth?
  3. Will Donald Trump be our next president?



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