Apple Pencil is nearly impossible to repair with a repairability score of 1 on 10: iFixit

Remember when Apple launched the iPad Pro and its stylus popularly known as Pencil? Back then, iFixit had done a thorough analysis by ripping it apart and had arrived at a repairability score of 3 on 10, where 10 means the device is most repairable.

If a score of 3 on 10 for the iPad Pro didn’t impress you, consider this – iFixit has now done a teardown of the Apple Pencil stylus that accompanies the iPad Pro and there were some surprising findings. For one, it arrived at a repairability score of 1 on 10, where 10 is the easiest to repair.

Through the series of images released by iFixit as part of the teardown, the Apple Pencil comes across as an utterly stubborn piece of technology to repair. You’d certainly struggle to pull it apart without specialised tool. But then, why would anyone want to consider repairing a Pencil, when Apple stands responsible for the effective functioning of the accessory?

iFixit also posted a video describing the process of pulling the Apple Pencil apart and it certainly is a tough nut to crack. The teardown is visibly difficult with the use of a Dremel tool to tear through the external plastic casing for the Apple Pencil.[related-posts]

Once the plastic body of the Pencil is removed, the body reveals a metal casing that contains all the electronic components such as the sensors and logic boards. There are two boards connected via a flexible connector. The metal casing about the same dimension of a standard pen has screws on it, also making it virtually impossible to remove the battery.

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