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8 Must-Know Facts About the Internet

The 46 year old network has brought phenomenal changes in the world. Image Credit: Feebbo

Our daily lifeline of information and entertainment, Internet turned 46 yesterday. The 46 year old network has brought phenomenal changes in the world. October 29, 1969 was the day when first data message was sent via ARPANET, the network that is considered as precursor of internet. Here are 8 fun facts about Internet that you may not have heard of.

1. Approximately 75% of the internet users in the world are from top 20 countries. While, the remaining 25% are from other developing 178 countries. Each of these countries contribute less than 1% in terms of total number of internet users.

2. China represents nearly 22% of the total internet user base. The country has over 642 million internet users. China has more users than USA, India and Japan combined together.

3. India has the lowest internet penetration among top 20 countries. The nation has just 19% internet penetration. However, it has highest annual growth rate among all.

4. Globally, Mobile broadband penetration has reached 47% in 2015, the number has increased 12 times than the one in 2007. [related-posts]

5. The proportion of 2G mobile internet has become 95% in 2015, the number has grown from 58% in 2001.

6. Internet users in USA and Europe has highest level of mobile broadband penetration. These nations have 75 active mobile internet users per 100 inhabitants. Africa has the lowest mobile broadband penetration.

7. The average monthly broadband prices in developing nations are three times than prices in developed countries. Mobile broadband is twice as expensive in developed countries.

8. Global internet penetration has grew 7 times since 2000 to 2015, we have come long way from 6.5% to 43%.

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