Yesterday, UN-based World Summit Award (WSA) presented its master list on digital innovation with impact on society from 24 countries

Imagine an easy to use, non-invasive and affordable detection of cancer. Imagine further that it is done by an app. MIROCULUS from Mexico delivers just that: a microRNA detection platform that can accurately diagnose and monitor diseases at a molecular level, without the need of a specialized technician or expensive lab machinery, making microRNA detection more affordable and scalable than ever before. IoT 2.0 – imagine innovation for tomorrow.

According to the global competition of WSA, Mexico is the country for innovative start-ups. 4 out of the WSA winners 2015 come from Mexico and convinced the international Grand Jury.

Making impact on society starts with the youngest. Teaching children robotics to make digital innovation graspable, for example.

SNOWBALL from KUWAIT has the potential to solve the lack of motivation in the traditional classroom in primary schools. This flagship project encourages young people to innovate and enter the world of industry and entices them to be productive with a simplified robotics unit they program.

40 Winners from 24 countries, selected from 386 nominations. WSA 2015 once more presented a diameter of innovation from Indonesia to Argentina, from Iceland to New Zealand. Be it a tool for accurate diagnostics of wounds, a webpage to organize international meetings for you or a political think tank, the WSA Winners 2015 offer a vast spectre of digital innovation.

WSA promotes and recognizes the uniqueness of digital innovation with impact on society.

The WSA winners 2015 will receive their awards at the WSA Global Congress in Shenzhen, China in February 2016. The event will deliver a best practice exhibition of the best digital innovation projects worldwide.

The agenda of the WSA Congress will be a compilation of interaction and inspiration, assembling workshops, business blind-dates and infamous keynotes, bringing together UN and governmental representatives, privates sector and innovators.

“To drive meaningful and relevant digital innovation, you have to connect people. With the WSA we recognize innovation of tomorrow already today. This year’s winners are an excellent selection of this momentum, matching local solutions to local needs. Shenzhen will offer the special stage to highlight these masters of innovation”, WSA Chairman Peter A. Bruck states.

The complete list of WSA Winners 2015

Government & Open Data Lithuania Business Gateway
Government & Open Data Austria Open Spending Austria
Government & Open Data France Parliament and Citizens
Government & Open Data Ireland Local Authority Finances
Government & Open Data Mexico CRICKET

Health & Environment Bangladesh CriticaLink
Health & Environment Mexico Miroculus
Health & Environment Bulgaria Bee Smart Technologies
Health & Environment New Zealand ARANZ Medical
Health & Environment Brazil CleverCare

Learning & Science Lithuania Bliu Bliu
Learning & Science Namibia The case for NAMCOL: Online Open Educational Resources (OERs)
Learning & Science Spain SCIENCE-BITS
Learning & Science Kuwait Snowball master control unit
Learning & Science Ireland CoderDojo

Entertainment & Lifestyle Mexico Kerbal Space Program
Entertainment & Lifestyle Ireland Pledge Sport
Entertainment & Lifestyle United Kingdom Our World War Interactive
Entertainment & Lifestyle Sri Lanka FlipBeats
Entertainment & Lifestyle Argentina Creators

Culture & Tourism Estonia Teleport Flock
Culture & Tourism Austria Vienna State Opera live
Culture & Tourism South Africa Latest Sightings
Culture & Tourism United Kingdom First Life VR
Culture & Tourism Germany Digital Collection

Media &  News Senegal Scocial Net Link
Media &  News Philippines Rappler
Media &  News Bulgaria imagga
Media &  News United Kingdom Your Story
Media &  News Bosnia And Herzegovina Center for Investigative Reporting

Business &  Commerce Austria DARVIN live video collaboration
Business &  Commerce New Zealand Wipster
Business &  Commerce Singapore Micepad
Business &  Commerce Iceland Meniga
Business &  Commerce Estonia Testlio

Inclusion &  Empowerment Spain The Social Coin
Inclusion &  Empowerment Mexico ERAS
Inclusion &  Empowerment New Zealand AttitudeLive
Inclusion &  Empowerment Indonesia LISA, Information Services for Villages
Inclusion &  Empowerment Germany The Social Swipe