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Ugandans on Twitter Protest Police Treatment of Women

Video of Uganda Police arresting a woman identified as Fatuma Zainab has sparked Twitter uproar in Uganda as users express their anger at police’s treatment of supporters of political groups opposed to the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM).

The 6-minute video footage, published by NTV Uganda on the broadcaster’s YouTube channel tells the story of events that unfolded as opposition politicians attempted to visit and hold a rally in the upcountry town of Rukungiri, from the capital Kampala.

Twitter was Sunday afternoon abuzz as users utilized the hashtag #SomeoneTellKayihura, among others express their sentiments about the incident.

General Kale Kayihura is the country’s Inspector General of Police.

The official Twitter handle of the Police did not immediately offer the official position of the institution, appearing to deflect attention away from the incident to the general conduct of women.


But with each tweet, @UgandaUPF appeared to upset even more users as heated arguments soon started about whether the said victim removed her own clothes as suggested by police. Government and NRM Spokesperson Ofwonno Opondo said the incident was a result of a “nude women squad” aiming to blackmail the Police.

A few blogs have also been written about the incident.

“The image that hit our airwaves is grotesque to say the least. To see the woman bare-chested and helpless – surrounded by police that’s supposed to protect us, not undress us – that image does things to the mind. It chills the bones and boils the blood!” reads this blog post titled #SomeoneTellKayihura.

Here are some of the tweets from yesterday:




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