Why the iPhone 6S is Great for Games

Recent stats have shown that mobile internet usage in Africa is on the increase. Despite previously being seen as a market where brands such as Nokia could thrive, it’s now becoming clear that more mobile users in major African countries such as South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya are now reaching for smartphones. In fact, according to a joint survey by GeoPoll and World Wide Worx, mobile internet access now stands at 40% across Africa.

It’s been long known that BlackBerry has dominated the smartphone market in South Africa. However, it now looks as though Apple is making up ground. According to the same study, BlackBerry may have introduced Africa to the smartphone, but Apple is now one of the fastest growing brands.

Apple Taps into the African Market

Although slightly behind Samsung, iPhones are now the third most common smartphone across Africa with usage figures of 16%, 15% and 14% in Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa respectively. This gradual increase is down to the iPhone’s prowess when it comes to games and Facebook, both of which account for 32% and 48% of all mobile internet usage in Africa.

This recent surge by Apple looks set to be buoyed by the release of the latest iPhone 6S. Claiming to be the most efficient and powerful iPhone yet, the device is likely to strike a chord with tech savvy Africans looking to play games using their mobile.

However, that’s not all it will do. Communication, navigation and, of course, taking selfies will all be more efficient with the iPhone 6S. However, as the stats show, it’s the world of entertainment, specifically gaming, that African users enjoy and where the iPhone 6S also shines.

Traditional Gaming of the Future with the iPhone

Thanks to a raft of subtle tweaks and innovations, the way in which users experience games of all varieties, from puzzles to casino games, should now be even better than before. The most obvious improvement for gamers using an iPhone 6S is upgraded graphics and processing engines. The latest model has an A9 processor that’s said to be 70% faster than the previous A8 processor.

This increased horsepower makes it 90% faster at processing graphical tasks which links into improved display. Naturally, for gamers, this is great news as it means the latest games, such as AG Drive or Alone, will not only look better but perform better. Smoother processing means better action, cleaner lines and a better all-round experience.

Another interesting development for iPhone 6S gamers is the advent of Force Touch technology. All new iPhones are capable of sensing how hard or soft the user is touching the screen. Although this technology is still new, it has opened up the doors of possibility in the gaming arena. One of the most interesting avenues of exploration for developers in the coming months will be in the mobile casino world.

Innovative Options for Casino Gamers

When someone is learning roulette game strategy one of the most important things they pick up is the concept of speed and efficiency. The more positive moves you can make, the more money you can make. It’s a simple equation but it’s one that online casino players learn early and the new Force Touch feature is perfect for this.

In the current system it’s common for players to move their finger around the screen and press different icons to control the action. Naturally, this takes time and, therefore, costs money. Fortunately, Force Touch has meant it’s now possible for a simple point on the screen to serve different functions.

Thus, a roulette player using an iPhone 6S could put down their chips, select their bet amount and spin the wheel all with three quick touches. This system would increase their bet rate and, hopefully, their win rate.

A World of Possibilities

As it stands, the full capabilities of the iPhone 6S are still unclear. Improved graphics and processing speeds will mean that every new game will look better and Force Touch will open up new possibilities for casino players. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. As Apple’s technology continues to improve, it will give both developers and users a host of new options within the coming months.


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