Cool Android Apps for Film and TV Fans

Are you addicted to more TV shows than you can count? Do you have an encyclopedic knowledge of the best films of the past decade and all the actors in them? Whether you’re a complete TV and movie addict, or just like to chill out in your spare time watching the latest releases, you’re sure to enjoy the many advances in technology that have made for ultimate viewing pleasure over recent years.

While you may have already set up a top Android streaming service solution, keep in mind that there are also plenty of cool apps that will make it easier to keep track of your favorite shows or find something new. Read on for some handy apps perfect for Android phones and tablets that you can download and enjoy today.


The odds are that you’ve used the IMDb website multiple times over the years, whether to look up info on a movie, TV show, actor, director, producer, or more. The website is a particularly popular one for both industry insiders and the general public, and it has been part of the Amazon.com group for years.

The free IMDb app is perfect for film and TV lovers. The system provides a huge array of information on past and current shows, including cast biographies, photos, movie trailers, reviews, descriptions, trivia points, ratings, movie show times, television listings, and recaps of recent TV episodes. Users can login to the app to manage their own watchlist or to add reviews, as well as create news alerts on titles they’re interested in checking out.


If you’re a big movie fan and love watching certain actors strut their stuff in films, download the free Cinotic app. This movie search engine provides users with film suggestions based on the presence of two particular actors. So, for example, if you can never get enough of Kevin Spacey or Kevin Costner, simply plug their names into the database and see what search results come up.

Similarly, if you remember hearing about, or previously watching, a great film that starred two of your favorite actors, but you can’t remember the movie’s name, try Cinotic. The app will help you to find the title you’re searching for, without having to spend ages browsing through each actor’s filmography list.

Movies by Flixster

Another top app for film fanatics is Movies by Flixster. This free app was voted as “One of the 40 Best Free Android Apps for 2011” by PCMag.com (with a 4.5 out of 5 star rating), and voted as the best “At Your Service” app in the Google Play Store two years ago.

You can utilize the Flixster app to get the latest information on movies currently being shown at the box office, with times and trailers to view, as well as lots of reviews to read (including those any of your friends have written), plus the Rotten Tomatoes score for films. The easy-to-navigate interface also features a DVD section with data on the latest and upcoming releases, and helps users to view and manage their Netflix queue.

In addition, when using the app you can buy tickets from certain participating theatres; create your own personal list of movies you’re keen to see; upload your own ratings and reviews; and stream and download movies in UltraViolet. Techies who like to use Google Voice Search will also be happy, as the latest version of the app is now integrated with that system, allowing you to use voice commands to search for information.


There is an incredible number of quality television shows to keep up with these days. If you struggle to stay on top of all the info, check out SeriesGuide. This free app was rated as one of Google’s 12 best apps of 2012, and works well on both smart phones and tablets, with regular updates and fast functionality.

The SeriesGuide app presents TV shows and specials, with information organized by seasons and episodes. You can use the app to track your progress across shows (that is, what you’ve collected and what you’ve watched so far), as well as organize series by lists, hide ones you want to ignore, or favorite those you love. You can also post comments on your thoughts on episodes, or access further information on TV shows on IMDb and other sites.

Discovery Channel

If you want to learn something new or introduce your children to some great documentaries, download the Discovery Channel app for your Android gadget. The app provides access to new short videos, as well as handy info such as TV schedules, daily news stories, photographs from shows, and even quizzes to test your knowledge.


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