Centenary bank blocks all ATM Card PINs in move to prevent losses

Centenary Bank yesterday released a statement to shed some light on the ongoing ATM access PIN change that had seen some customers fail to use their card with their correct PINs.

Speaking to journalists at Mapeera House, Fabian Kasi, Managing Director said “We received complaints from 25 customers regarding inconsistencies on their bank balances with the bank. We conducted preliminary investigations and found out that this could have been as a result of our system upgrade that the bank regularly undertakes to improve its services to customers”.

Centenary bank said as part of efforts to address the inconsistencies, they instigated a temporary ATM cash withdraw limit to shs100,000 for 24 hours. However, all limits have since returned to the normal levels and all clients are transacting normally.

Secondly, the bank decided to block all customer ATM PINs and requested the customers that want to withdraw over the ATM platform to first reset their ATM PINs. This exercise is currently going on in all their 63 branches.

Mr Kasi went on to say “One of Centenary Bank’s strength is in its ability to quickly detect risks and work on them instantly to avoid loss. This is a bank that enables clients to quickly detect whether there are inconsistent transactions on their accounts so that they can instantly notify the bank. This is majorly through our SMS alert service. Therefore we wish to reaffirm to our customers that their deposits are safe and our operations are on-going normally.”

Some customers we spoke to complained about the longer than usual queues since the PIN change process had caused higher traffic within the branches but management said they are managing the situation by deploying more staff and equipment to speed up the service delivery.



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