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Telecom companies are constantly innovating in order to stay relevant and grow their subscription.

This innovation brings about more unique services for the customer to enjoy.

Below are some MTN services you may not be aware of, but are of great benefit to businesses, individuals, and families.

MTN WebPhone
MTN WebPhone is a service that allows you to make calls over the internet either from a laptop, tablet or smartphone.
It is ideal for the business traveller, especially when outside the country.

One of the main benefits is Cost control: Instead of accumulating telephone bills while outside the country, use MTN WebPhone to make cheaper calls over the internet
MTN WebPhone is available for Windows PC, Android and iOS devices.

To get set up, Contact to sign up for your 032 number, and start using the service. Alternatively you can contact any Service Centres or visit MTN Business at Plots 1 – 4 Nyonyi Gardens to get signed up for the service.

Mobile Money Bulk Payments
MTN Mobile Money bulk payments service is a web-based funds transfer tool that facilitates disbursement of funds to multiple recipients.
The service is currently used for salary processing, payment of allowances for field staff, loan disbursement, employee benefits, refunds to customers, supplier payments etc.

MTN Uni-Presence
MTN Uni-Presence is a service that brings all your communication devices together under one number.
With MTN Uni-Presence, users can make and receive calls wherever they are over any available connections, and instead of receiving calls on multiple numbers, they use one.

International Bundles
International bundles make it easy to keep in touch with your friends and family abroad. Activate an international bundle of your choice and make calls to friends abroad at affordable rates.

To activate, Dial *160*2*6#. See the bundle pricing rates here.

MTN Internet Me2U
Internet Me2U is a service that enables MTN customers to send a portion of their Internet bundle to another MTN customer. You can send 5MB to 1000MB to any MTN number. The bundle received is valid for 7 days from date and time of receipt.