Microsoft has today announced the Skype for Business preview for iOS and Android.

Whereas the normal Skype app just shows you recent conversations by default, the app differs by featuring your contacts, recent conversations and upcoming meetings all on your dashboard.

You can search for contacts right from the dashboard by first name, last name, alias or phone numbers, and on iOS your phone contacts are automatically included in search as well.


For upcoming meetings, you an click through to read more information, or click ‘Quick Join’ to enter an ongoing session immediately.

When it comes to the calling experience, there are larger buttons for muting, adding participants and managing your calls.


Switching between video and text is also easier, as you can now have the option to see both on screen simultaneuosly.

IT admins can sign up for the preview at a dedicated preview page, where they can nominate eight iOS and Android users (up to four of each) to try out the preview.

In order to be part of the first batch of users, you’ll have to apply by this Friday.