With the highly anticipated film ‘Pixel’ recently released, those with a keen sense of nostalgia are keen to revisit their childhood. There are other ways to achieve this ambition; however, as the consumer market is saturated with retro-gadgets that offer both functionality and style in equal measure.

1. The Retro Tech Macintosh

For those that visit online casinos and play William Hill slots games for an example, a mobile handset may not be capable of delivering a truly immersive gaming experience. If you also have a nostalgic bent, you may want to consider investing in a retro tech Macintosh by CURVED/Labs. With slick aluminium casing and an 11.6-inch touchscreen, this product combines old aesthetics with modern technology to create the ultimate hybrid computer.

2. The Rotary iPhone Dock

Another product that fuses modern and traditional elements, this iPhone docking station is cast in resin to perfectly replicate vintage phones. Manufactured by iRetrofone, this product will charge your iPhone while also satisfying anyone with a uniquely nostalgic eye.

3. An Audio Infuser Stereo and Record Player

While the performance of this product is incredible and driven by innovation, its aesthetics are akin to those that would have distinguished your parents first ever stereo! Featuring the classic retro stereo staples of stained wood and brushed aluminium, this device also includes a Linux-driven Raspberri Pi and Wi-Fi receiver for wireless streaming across multiple mobile devices.

4. The Vintage Camera iPhone Dock

As you can probably tell, the iPhone dock is one of the products that have benefitted most from the development of retro-gadgets. This one should appeal to anyone with a passion for vintage flair, while the classic aesthetic can blend into any home interior.

5. A Gramophone for the iPhone

If your idea of true nostalgia extends beyond the 1980’s, you should invest in an iPhone amplifier that is designed to replicate an authentic, turn-of-the-20th-century gramophone. Including a solid walnut dock, this product is a true talking point and a traditional design classic!

6. A Mechanical Keyboard

If you have ever used a traditional typewriter, you will probably miss the classic type sounds and iconic aesthetics. While modern computers lack the unique character of typewriters, however, you can at least purchase this fully customisable mechanical keyboard from WASD and enjoy a more authentic typing experience.

7. The Mid-century Modern Desktop Computer

Another genuinely unique and impressive gadget, this mid-century desktop would not look out of place on a hair-pin desk or beside an original Eames chair. A fully functional, modern-day PC, this computer has a unique visual appeal that is sure to appeal to older (and perhaps wiser) users.

8. A Typewriter-Faced Laptop

The fusion of old and new is a common feature of today’s retro-gadgets, as this Japanese laptop modification by Monkey Farm can testify. Combining leather, brass, copper and a classic typewriter face within a single design, this is definitely a must for those who yearn for simpler times!

9. The Walkman-style iPod Case

You didn’t really think that we’d forget the classic Walkman, did you? Referred to as the ‘RetroPod’, this device is a cool and unique adaptation of an old Walkman and one that is unfortunately no longer available on the market. Sold as a handmade and beautifully designed iPod case, the device was even available for a short time as a DIY kit.

10. The Cassette Tape USB Hub

On a similar note, you cannot help but notice that the age of the traditional cassette has long since passed. You can revive it to some degree with this unique hub, which adds up to four USB ports to your computer and  is identical in size to the classic cassette design of the 1980’s.