You can now disable downloading, printing, & copying for any file stored in Google Drive

Google has made some new updates to to Google Drive, which are a benefit to the user.

They have given more control over the content you have have and you can now disable downloading, printing, and copying for any shared file.

This option is available for any file stored in Google Drive, meaning if you decide to upload, say, a PDF to Google Drive, you can lock it down before you share it with your friends or colleagues.

To enable the new features, open the sharing dialogue from any Google Drive file and click on Advanced in the lower right corner. Check the “Disable options to download, print, and copy for commenters and viewers” box and click “Save changes.”

However, there are still some restrictions: First off, this is only available on Google Drive for the Web, and you can’t enable this feature if you don’t own the file.

If you share the file via email, a notification at the top of the File and Edit menus will let the user know a given file has been limited.

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