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The 10 most expensive domains ever sold!

Most expensive domain names ever. Image Credit: Bhubeth

What’s in a web address? Quite a lot of cash. Business Insider scoured domain name resourceDN Journal and put together a list of documented million-dollar, domain-only “.com” sales. Unsurprisingly, sex- and gambling-related domains are some of the biggest money makers.

Here are a list of the most expensive domain names of all time: — $10 million
Year sold: 2008

After the flashy sale, ran into a lot of trouble. It had to declare most of its financials unreliable in 2009 and continuously failed to file reports. If you go to the site now, it’s a white background with the phrase, “Please come back later to check” — $8.9 million
Date sold: February 2015

“Domain King” Rick Schwartz flipped He bought it from a college kid way back in 1997 for $42,000. — $9.5 million
Year sold: 2007

At the time of its sale, Porn. com was the biggest all-cash transaction for a domain name and the second-largest domain sale. Moniker helped sell the domain to MXN Limited. — $7.5 million
Year sold: 2006 handed over the domain to an online jewelry retailer,, in a private sale for one of the priciest do-main name swaps of all time. But guess what? It’s back on the market. GoDaddy, which is brokering the deal, says it’s looking for jewelry buyers, or otherwise. — $6.8 million
Date sold: November 2014

Japanese internet service provider GMO Internet bought from Nissan Motors. is one of only three single-character domain names currently existing in the .com space, GMO says. — $5.5 million
Year sold: 2010

As TechCrunch pointed out at the time of the sale, that is more than $1 million per character. — $5.1 million
Year sold: 2009

Originally sold for $1.25 million as part of a bankruptcy court proceeding, days later, it was put up for auction again and Toys R Us ended up shelling out just over $5 million for the powerful domain name. It’s kind of surprising how basic the site still looks today. — $4.9 million
Year sold: 2008

Shoe company Zappos bought Now both are owned by Amazon, but still redirects to Zappos’s apparel selec-tion, not Amazon’s main site. — $4.8 million
Date sold: May 2014 paid $4.3 mil-lion in cash and $300,000 in debt for — $13 million
Year sold: 2010 entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the highest domain-only sale in history

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