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Cheki Uganda Furious 7 Premiere: The Blast

On Thursday April 2, 2015, I was among the lucky ones to attend the invite-only Premiere of Fast & Furious 7 at the majestic Cinema Magic at Metroplex Shopping Mall in Naalya.

Cheki, the largest auto classified ads site in Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania, Zambia and Kenya sponsored the event.

At the event, we had the opportunity to interact with a number of Cheki employers and enlighten us on the different ways they are changing the classified auto business especially in Uganda using the power of the Internet.

The event kicked off at 5pm with a cocktail party and many celebrities including my main girl Keko.

I am just going to give you my personal experience.

First, I forgot the invitation ticket home, since all movies I attend are paid at the counter. So I had to turn back and go home on my bike (not bought through Cheki) and pick the ticket. Then I was not sure whether Cinema Magic was located in Metroplex or Acacia Malls. So since I was coming from Bweyogerere, I took the Northern Bypass. The idea is, if it is not at Metroplex I cut my losses and continue to Acacia Mall. As I reached the Naalya round about on Northern By Pass, I was very sure I was in the right place. The whole round-about was filled with tie-drops of Cheki Uganda. It really looked amazing. At least there was life on that boring round-about. Thank you Cheki.

I parked my bike in normal bike parking area at Metroplex, which seemingly didn’t have enough security for the bike, as I have lost my first one due to some guy rolling it to his home. So I had to work with the security personnel and promise him something at end of the show. Of course, you know these guys, they ask for it (money) first hand since am going to delay in the movie.

As I was entering, I knew I was going to have a blast. There were these girls!!! Call them ushers. God, has created a woman, I am not sure it was in his image (This is another debate). To cut the story short, I could exchange my ticket to just have one of them keep serving the drinks on my cocktail table. The dresses were pretty short, if you were very careful you could see whatever you wished with your necked eyes. I think I saw a girl like that in the movie dresses the same.

Let us get to the drinks, the drinks were served by male waiters. Hmmmm, may be it was a Cheki strategy. I am not sure. The first drinks available were sodas. Me and my boys were all disappointed. Then a few minutes after we are full with sodas, the real drinks arrive, beers and wines. The party was on.

As a Ugandan we love our beers and everyone was in the mood for the beer. But, young dudes in Cheki Shirts, most likely Cheki employees are good at downing these drinks. They must be good at their jobs as they were able to buy out the whole cinema (300 people) and at the same time make their table pretty dirty with empty bottles of all kinds of beers. I can’t remember how many beers I consumed but I suffered the consequences while in the movie. I had to miss some stunts in Furious 7 because of my weak stupid bladder…gosh!!!! BTW I need to see a doctor about this bladder. Something isn’t right!

The Movie –(Please No spoilers)

I am not going into the specifics of the movie as I might leak spoilers for those fellows who had no invite to the Premiere! Please start leaving in Kampala. That’s where the fun starts and ends.

The sound at Metroplex Cinema Magic is perfect, forget your hoofers at home in your one bedroom house. The screen is the biggest I have watched on in Uganda. The chair fold back when you stand to go release those beers and when you come back to take your seat you are likely get lost as the rows are so many down the cinema hall. I forgot which row I was seated on. Sorry for those I inconvenienced looking for my seat.

Please do not ask me whether the movie was in 3D, 2D or normal D. I have no idea what those terms mean what difference in experience I would get. I just had a blast and it was free courtesy of Cheki Uganda.

About Cheki Uganda

Cheki Uganda (, an online car classifieds brand, has steadily established itself as the leading website for Ugandan car buyers and sellers. It was launched in Uganda in 2010. Cheki is also based in several African countries including Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana and Tanzania.

 Cheki Uganda is part of the One Africa Media group, an online marketplace.

One Africa Media operates Africa’s largest portfolio of online marketplaces focused on Jobs, Cars, Property and Travel.

Serving markets with over 400 million Africans, One Africa Media operates in the world’s fastest growing economies and internet markets where connecting buyers, sellers, employers and jobseekers adds significant value to people’s lives.

One Africa Media has imported technologies, capabilities and even capital from developed internet markets and modified those to create meaningful and useful products and services for Africa.

One Africa Media is one of Africa’s largest digital publishers, allowing global brands to reach targeted audiences nationally, regionally, continentally and by each vertical in which we operate.

The Cheki website is mainly used by car dealers to sell. However the website is open to any individual in Uganda looking to sell their car by accessing the “Sell a vehicle” tab. Cheki currently has the largest car buying audience in Uganda, with over 12,000 users subscribed to get alerts on fresh cars.

I wish you a good car selling for those with cars.



Nelson Mugarura

Nelson is a marketer, a conspiracy theorist and agnostic. Interested in world politics, culture, technology, conspiracy theories and marketing. Dan Brown is his favorite author. Nelson is currently a CIM-UK student.
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