Zoom Wireless Launches High-Speed And Affordable Internet In Northern Uganda

Zoom Wireless (, a commercial wing of SINFA Uganda LTD, is now officially delivering the most affordable, unlimited high-speed Internet access to businesses and residences in and around Gulu, Uganda.  On January 1, 2015, Zoom Wireless was granted its commercial ISP license, clearing the way to offer commercial service in Gulu and implement plans for regional expansion.

Zoom Wireless is offering Internet services for corporate customers with speeds from 1-9 Mbps and small business/residential options of 512 kbps, 1 Mbps or 3 Mbps at approximately 50% of the rates of their competitors and with no usage caps. These services will transform the way people access and use the Internet for business, operations and entertainment by offering reliable, high-speed access that enables use of cloud-based productivity services, streaming video and more.  Zoom will also offer cloud-based services and custom-managed Wi-Fi networks for hotels, universities and other campus settings.

In August 2014, Gulu based Zoom Wireless began offering a range of corporate and small business/residential grade fixed wireless services as a trial. Zoom partnered with San Francisco based EveryLayer to design and deploy the network and cloud-based management system. With EveryLayer,  Zoom deployed fiber-backed, carrier grade WiFi network and was able to deliver an affordable, high-speed service within 12 weeks with 10 times less capital and operating expense than traditional LTE networks.

Zoom’s early customers are taking notice.  Otim Khaled, owner of Javanet Internet Café, shares “traffic has increased dramatically due to the quality of service and operating costs are down by 50 percent.”  Annemaaike Kruisselbrink, Executive Director of Unified for Uganda, an NGO supporting destitute youth, shares “with Zoom’s high-speed service we can now confidently use cloud-based services, making our day-to-day operations more efficient enabling us to better serve local children,”

‘’Given the overwhelming demand for high-speed Internet we are experiencing in Gulu, Zoom Wireless plans to extend its services to all the busy towns in Northern and West Nile regions of Uganda,” says Moses Olweny, Zoom Wireless Sales and Marketing Manager.

“Zoom Wireless is delivering the promise of the cloud to Northern Uganda with truly high-speed, affordable Internet,” said Mark Summer, CEO and co-founder of EveryLayer. “As EveryLayer’s first partner, Zoom Wireless proves the demand, profitability and growth potential of broadband services in emerging markets. We looked forward to working with Zoom Wireless to rapidly expand broadband in the North.”

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Nicholas Kamanzi

Computer Engineer and Tech Reviewer.
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