Samsung Electronics Wins 48 iF Design Awards

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. today announced that it was awarded 48 iF Design Awards, including seven gold awards. Thirty-nine of the awards were given for superior product design, five for communication design and four for concept design.

The iF Design Award is renowned as one of the world’s top three international design contests, which began in 1953 in Germany and is organised by the International Forum Design. The awards are given in five categories: product design, communication design packaging design, interior architecture and professional concept. International experts evaluate each product submission based on the quality of the design, appropriate material usage and how innovative these are. A total of 75 products were chosen for Gold Awards this year.

“We are honoured that the International Forum Design has recognised our commitment to exceptional product design that enables people to interact with technology in new ways,” says Michelle Potgieter, Director of Corporate Marketing and Communications at Samsung Electronics. “We will continue to challenge ourselves in delivering meaningful designs and intuitive products for people around the world.” 

The following products and concepts received an iF Gold innovative design award:

Curved UHD TV (HU9000) – The curved form factor of the HU9000 showcases the beauty and benefit of the curve, allowing viewers to completely immerse themselves in the image. Through combining its optimal curvature and crystal clear picture quality, the TV creates a panoramic effect and a greater sense of depth with increased color vividness and clarity.

GEAR VR – The virtual reality headset combines unique design with effortless user experience to provide new possibilities in how people interact with technology. It features an ergonomic design for ultimate comfort and allows consuming a selection of 2D and 3D virtual reality content with its incredible 360-degree view and wide screen optimized with GALAXY Note 4’s 5.7inch resolution Quad HD Super AMOLED™ display.

GEAR Circle – With its smart, fashionable and unique design, the GEAR Circle offers users instinctive, convenient and completely new ways to make everyday lives easier. The around-the-neck style wireless Bluetooth headset features a magnetic clasp that allows users to keep users connected at all times.

A3 Printer (MX4) – Designed specifically to enhance user experience, the MX4 provides simple and fast usability by replacing complex feature buttons with an integrated 10.1-inch tablet and Samsung’s highly acclaimed Smart UI. Samsung is the first in the printing industry to receive iF Gold Awards for both A4 and A3 printers, both of which were based on the company’s design identity of a cohesive concept that combines innovation with value.

Design Story Toolkit (WW9000) – The Design Story Toolkit visualises the philosophy and value embodied in the WW9000 design which creates harmony by combining form and function. The toolkit showcases the timeless design of Samsung’s digital appliances and incorporates various design elements that helped Samsung successfully demonstrate captivating design, intuitive usability and effective performance of its new washing machine.

Bended Surface – The Bended Surface is a testament to Samsung’s dedication in design innovation to provide meaningful experiences that go beyond enhanced functionality or aesthetics. The streamlined shape provides improved ergonomics, a comfortable hand grip and maximizes usability with a display that curves over one edge of the phone.  

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Nicholas Kamanzi

Computer Engineer and Tech Reviewer.
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