iDROID phones best referred to as ‘Clever Gadget’ is a darling across America and soon across Uganda!

From humble beginnings in Philadelphia, 2014, iDROID USA has risen like a shooting star in the few short months it has been on the world market.

“Our products definitely stand out; our range of color display, our phone design, our product and OS features like 3D and air/ wake gestures as well as our methodical packaging can give any brand a run for their money”. says Jawad Qureshi, Co- Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of iDROID USA.

The brainchild of five entrepreneurs, iDROID USA is the amalgamation of their shared passion and vision for what a Smartphone should be! The team is excited about launching their products in Uganda because despite the recent emergence of international phone brands across East Africa, most Smartphones have become run-of-the-mill in their Features and Operating Systems. They have also become consistently dull looking and overpriced.
The question that begs an answer is whether there is a phone that doesn’t look like a clone of the other or with color schemes that remind one of the bleak dystopian future worlds we’ve all seen in sci-fi movies!
The answer is Yes, iDROID USA has smartphones that are colorful, spunky and so sleek of design that, as a shopkeeper, you’d willingly want to put them on display every chance you get or as a customer you would want to show it to all our acquaintances when your fingers slide the app screen  in 3D rather than page to page.

iDROID USA’s main focus has been its Research and Development Team that are driven to constantly research the market for current trends in Smartphones to be able to design the slickest, most elegant looking Smartphone hosting the latest features, yet keeping in mind that the company’s utter goal is to give its customers a world class product; be it the 5.5″ iDROID Royal V7 or the 5″ iDROID Tango A5 backed with a world class after sales service experience for a fraction of a retail price to its tier 1 competitors. The aim is to provide different cellular options for the needs of many across the board and across the world.

With a versatile take on user-company connectivity, a fresh take on artfully breathtaking design without compromise on functionality; iDROID USA is the next big name in smartphones for tech savvy Ugandans.


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