MTN Uganda is pleased to be a partner network in the East African One Network Area.  The network partners have executed multilateral agreements to put in place aligned and affordable tariffs across the participating countries within the One Network Area, currently comprising Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and South Sudan.

This One Network Area is the culmination of the Regional Telecommunications Policy Framework that was agreed upon by the member countries during the 5th Heads of State Summit for the Northern Corridor Integration Projects in 2014.

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These Governments agreed to amend fiscal policies by eliminating heavy additional taxes and levies on international calls within the region.  These regional calls are thus now at parity with the tax base for local calls.  This is a far-sighted initiative of Government that may result in short-term shortfalls from collection of this specific tax, but will certainly yield significant dividends in regional economic growth, which in turn increases the tax base in other areas.

Government’s elimination of these additional direct taxes on regional calls has in turn enabled MTN Uganda to package affordable calling rates for both roaming and international calling within this area, designed around a common regional tax exclusive base rate of US 10 cents per minute.

Roaming:  MTN’s One Network offer enables an MTN Uganda subscriber (while roaming in Kenya, Rwanda or South Sudan) to make calls to networks within the visited country and/or to make calls back to Uganda at UGX 360 per minute. Our new offer also enables our subscribers to receive calls from Uganda at zero rate while roaming with the ONA network partners.

Regional Calling:  MTN’s One Network offer enables our subscribers to call Kenya, Rwanda and South Sudan at significantly reduced rates of UGX 330 per minute.  Furthermore, any subscriber from Kenya, Rwanda and South Sudan will be able to call MTN Uganda’s subscribers at similar rates.