wordpress4.1-780x553Today, WordPress.org has launched WordPress 4.1, which adds a slew of new features to help you “focus on your writing” with the blog management tool.

The new version has been dubbed “Dinah” in honor of American jazz singer and pianist Benny Goodman.

The newest default theme is Twenty Fifteen, a blog-focused theme “designed for clarity.” The company touts it has “flawless” language support, with help from Google’s Noto font family, straightforward typography readable on any screen size, and content front and center whether you’re on a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

The theme is already translated into over 40 languages, with more on the way. You can switch languages on the General Settings screen.

There is a new distraction-free writing mode. When you start typing, all the editing tools fade away, letting you focus solely on your writing.

Other new features include being able to quickly “log out everywhere” by going to your profile (in case you’re worried you forgot to sign out from a shared computer), embed videos from Vine by just pasting a URL onto its own line in a post, and plugin recommendations based on what you and others have installed.

For developers, Metadata, date, and term queries now support advanced conditional logic, like nested clauses and multiple operators.

Source: VB