instagram-app-2-620x433The crackdown on spammers and fake accounts promised last week  by Instagram has started.

As Instagram removes accounts, users have watched their follower numbers plummet.

One account reported losing over 100,000 followers in a matter of days. Thousands of users have been flooding the official Instagram account’s comments section to voice their fear and anger.

A mass campaign to unfollow the official Instagram account has ensued.

“Everyone, if we all work together Instagram could have no followers, get what I’m saying?” wrote user coloured.pixels.

Instagram’s community guidelines are clear: Photos posted on a user’s Instagram account must have been taken by that user. Moreover, Instagram clearly states: “Don’t share photos or videos that aren’t yours. This includes other people’s posts, and/or things that you have copied or collected from the Internet. Accounts that solely consist of only this type of content may be disabled at any time.”

However, some of the most popular accounts on the service share solely meme-based or fan-focused content, even accounts with millions of followers could themselves be in jeopardy.

Source: Business Insider