USaddress-640E-Commerce giant PayPal has launched a partnership with to make it easier for sub-Saharan countries to buy from American e-commerce stores. allows international customers to shop at any US online retailers and have the goods delivered to them, even if that retailer does not support deliveries to this region.

Users who subscribe to the service will receive a US “home address” that can be used on all American shopping websites.

The address, which points to the USaddress logistics centre, will receive goods ordered online and send these on to the African recipient via their preferred shipping method.

As part of the launch promotion of PayPal’s partnership with USaddress, PayPal users will receive a US$10 coupon for deliveries from the US. Paypal says the coupon can be used 10 times per user.

To make use of the service, customers need to buy their desired product from a US online retailer and pay for shipping costs to Africa.

However, shoppers should note that they’ll still have to pay import duties and VAT on goods they buy from abroad, adding to the cost.

Source: Tech Central