MicrosoftSoftware giant Microsoft is planing to announce a significant partnership Today with Spanish soccer team Real Madrid.

The full details appear to be a combination of technology and sponsorship deal along the lines of recent pacts Microsoft has made with other sports leagues and teams.

A teaser video on the site being used for the Webcast of today’s event talks about combining Microsoft’s technology with the spirit of Real Madrid. The video also shows a lot of Surface tablets with Microsoft and Real Madrid logos.

It is expected that Microsoft can craft this in a more universally positive way than it has in recent Surface deals with CNN and the NFL.

In the CNN case, the news channel was to use Microsoft’s tablets as part of its recent election coverage. However, a close look shows several CNN on-air reporters using their iPads.

With the NFL, teams are using the Surface as their sideline device, though announcers struggled to get the branding memo, initially calling them iPad-like devices.