iphone-proposal_650_111114102723A programmer in Guangzhou, China publicly proposed to his girlfriend with a heart-shaped ring made of 99 iPhones, but the proposal resulted in a rejection, and heartbreak.

News reports said that the programmer bought 99 iPhones, using money  which was almost equal to the man’s two years’ salary.

The images from proposal scene later made it to the Weibo, China’s biggest social media site, and went viral. Several Chinese web users commented that the proposal was “stupid”.

In China, iPhones are often considered premium items and in the initial phase of the launch of the device are often difficult to get.

While this fact may not have helped the heartbroken man in wooing his love of life, it may help him get rid of the iPhones. The resell value of iPhones is high in China and if he plays it smart he will be able to get most of his money back.

Source: India Today