Bing or Yahoo to replace Google as iPhone search provider

Google-Bing-and-YahooNews sources indicate that Apple is reportedly being courted by Microsoft and Yahoo as both companies seek to supplant Google as the default search provider for the Safari web browser on mobile and desktop.

Apple’s current deal with Google expires next year with the makers of Bing and Yahoo Search keen to take its place on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Both Microsoft and Yahoo have made a pitch to Apple’s Eddy Cue with a view to ousting Google as soon as the next version of iOS, due out next year.


At the moment, Bing has the best shot at landing Google’s spot, given it already powers Siri, as well as the Spotlight search in Mac OS X Yosemite.

However, Yahoo and Apple have been partners since the iPhone came into existence. The firm provides the information for iOS’s Stocks app and previously the Weather app too.

Yahoo recently become the default search provider for the Firefox web browser and adding Safari to the mix would give Marissa Mayer’s company a huge chance to reel in Google.

Source: Trusted Reviews