Self Taught Pilots - Release Your InnerIt’s Futuristic Friday over here at office and today am going to take you through how I think the future of human transportation is going to be space or above the ground and before you think this is too futuristic Spacex will have improved the way our planes work and before you understand what is going on we shall have flying cars or Jetpacks.

When it’s your first time flying out of your city, you always have fears that something might go wrong, “maybe the Captain is not at his best today,” you try to silently tell yourself the plane shouldn’t hit any turbulence Lord! but deep down you are scared, so you hope for the best.

So today I want you to release your Inner Aviator, we are going to go down on a journey together, a journey where we are going to suck up our fears and teach ourselves how to fly these beasts because when the future envisioned by Elon Musk the Founder of SpaceX gets here, we need to be ready to fly everything from private Helicopters to Boeings or in the times of war, we shall be better off flying Jet Fighters.

For the last couple of days I have been looking online for easy ways to teach myself how to fly without any assistance and I have stumbled on a lot of tools and a lot of videos on YouTube of people are trying to teach themselves. With the processing power of our computers today you can virtually teach yourself how to fly a plane and it will appear as if you are doing this in the real and so I believe it’s a great start.

I believe when we combine the virtual reality tools like the Oculus rift and a few hardware consoles we can now recreate the experience of flying inexpensively, tools like X-Plane can also get you started very fast in the virtual world but hey we are not going to fly virtual planes.

When it gets to the real world there is a lot of fears involved you can actually take your life if you are not qualified and unless it’s an emergency and the captains can’t fly the plane, you can try to save the day but besides that, most online recommendations will point to having a flight instructor so as we are preparing ourselves for the future this is my personal recommendations to someone out there trying to teach themselves how to fly.

Step 1: Train in a virtual world, because it is very cheap and almost everyone can afford this, memorize all the steps from takeoff to landing at different airports across the world. Practice as much as you can before thinking of a real environment.

Step 2: Now that you are ready to hit the skies before signing up to a flight school with qualified instructors  I would recommend that you first have a look at some affordable life insurance quotes.

Step 3: Find a flight instructor to show you through the whole process and take you through the whole process.

Finally the future we envision is coming up very soon and whether it’s going to be flying cars or other flying devices it doesn’t harm if for once you take up a hobby of teaching yourself how to fly an actual Jumbo Jet whether in the comfort of your home or at the flight school.