viaOn Monday 29th September Kramer Africa launched one of their revolutionary products VIA Collage at the Protea Kampala Hotel. The VIA Collage standards out as one of the smarter ways in which presentations in either schools or big companies in Uganda are set to change.

While launching the product Raul Novick The Regional Sales Director Africa pointed out how meeting today are unproductive and how they go on and on and on.

” Before the presentations people are always fidgeting with the cables and if you have a line up of presenters, you will waste a lot of time and this reduces the efficiency and makes the Meeting very boring,” said Raul.

Well fortunately that’s where VIA Collage comes in. The Via collage is a device that is going to connect to any screen with an HDMI port to have all presentations from presenters broadcast on the screen via WiFi.

How Does It Work:

First you need to buy the VIA Collage then after doing that you will need to download the Via Kramer app from either the Apple or Google Store. The App connects to the Wifi network of the VIA and via that users are given an IP and room code (which is usually 4 digits) to be able to access the screen on which VIA Collage is connected.

Using an HDMI Cable, user information is transferred to the screen and each screen takes a maximum of 6 people at a time. The VIA however can aaccommodatea second screen because it has 2 HDMI cables and this makes it possible to have 12 presenters or workmates collaborate on their presentations or work respectively via one VIA Kramer.

The Device also has an Ethernet port meaning you can connect to the internet and be able to have lice calls via Skype and other third party apps that are built into this device.

The one downside I saw with the VIA Kramer is the lack of some conferencing tools like the Google+ Hangouts making but I also believe this can be improved by an upgrade in the firmware.

That is it for now but am doing a Video review which will be coming up soon, so for now let me know what you think in the comments section and I will see you in the next one.