Microsoft Terminating Nokia Sync for some phone models

m_nokia_aioMicrosoft is set to discontinue Nokia Sync on Nokia Series 40, N9 and Symbian phones.

Nokia Sync is the service that synchronises your contacts, calendar appointments and notes between your phone and the cloud.

The communication has come through emails sent out to individuals with Nokia sync enabled.

The Email added that the Nokia Sync service will be stopped on 5 December 2014. After 5 December 2014, you will not be able to access your data through the Nokia Sync service.

At the moment you are encouraged to export and/or migrate your data from the service before this date.

You can use the following options to ensure you can continue to access your data. This includes the option to export your data so it can be imported into other services, or migrate your data to secure, cloud-based services from Microsoft.

All data that is stored in Nokia Sync will be destroyed following termination of the Nokia Sync service.


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