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Google Launches ‘Primer’ To Get Startups Up To Speed On Marketing

Google is looking to bridge the gap between the complexity of its ad products and startup users’ often relative inexperience with marketing and search ads.

Launched today, Primer looks to give startups the most basic of tips on successful marketing via five minute lessons (case studies, quizzes and insider tips) designed specifically for startups. Google said it “created Primer as a way to make it easier for businesses to be successful at marketing. We realize that some of the Google ad-tech products which connect businesses to customers also widen the gap between rookies and marketing pros.”



Of course, helping startups to become more ‘marketing literate’ and to better understand the breadth of Google ad-tech options available also serves Google’s ends too. The app is currently available for iOS only, but will be headed to Android shortly.


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Nicholas Kamanzi

Computer Engineer and Tech Reviewer.
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