Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has launched a new revenue collection system, code named e-Citie. The system will ease revenue collection.KCCA executive director Jennifer Musisi said e-Citie system was first introduced to the taxi operators. They have been remitting their monthly dues using e-Citie for a year.
During the launch on Friday at the City Hall in Kampala, Musisi explained that the system is part of a five-year strategic plan in which they expect to generate about sh250b.
In the last financial year, KCCA collected sh79b up from sh24b the previous financial year.
“This is part of the authority’s five-year plan in which KCCA targets to finance its budget. If data is entered into our system, we shall manage our revenue collection,” Musisi told journalists.
E-Citie is an automated system that aims at increasing revenue collection. It was piloted in Rubaga Division.
The system enables the taxpayer to make payments from wherever they are and at any time using options such as mobile money services.
Musisi said the system will reduce costs incurred in revenue collection, eliminate fraud, increase compliance, ease enforcement and will enable traders to assess themselves.
 She revealed that they have been experiencing challenges in revenue collection and that the city lost revenue due to incompetence, fraud and poor monitoring systems.
Frank Tumwebaze, the Minister for the Presidency, who is also the minister in charge of Kampala, said with the e-Citie system, KCCA will be able to know the exact amount of money collected.
He said it will help in effective accountability of revenue collected and will be reflected on the financial statements. “If KCCA was an institution where accountability is not valued, such initiative would not have been launched.”
Yasin Ssematimba, the chairman of the Kampala taxi park stages co-ordinating committee, hailed KCCA for the innovation.
He was, however, concerned that the system does not allow one to pay in installments.
This, he said may affect some taxi operators who may not be able to raise the whole amount at once. Tumwebaze tasked KCCA to revisit the system so that such issues are dealt with.
Credits NewVison